Mold Remediation

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Prevent Harmful Mold Growth

Count on us for mold remediation in Cleveland, OH

Mold growth is a serious problem in the late spring and summer months. Wet and warm environments can cause mold to appear incredibly fast inside your home or business. If you've noticed signs of mold growth, contact RE Pest & Mold Removal immediately for mold remediation services in the Cleveland, OH area.

We use EPA-standardized methods for fast and effective mold removal treatments. Call 216-952-3508 today for a complete inspection and mold remediation in the Cleveland, OH area.

How to prevent future mold growth

There are over 352 common types of fungal molds. While only two of these are lethal, mold can be a major irritant and asthma-causing pathogen. Prevent mold from growing in your home or business with these simple tips:

  • Keep humidity levels below 60 percent
  • Dry wet materials quickly
  • Repair leaking faucets, pipes and roofing materials
  • Improve indoor air flow with proper ventilation

Mold only needs two days to start growing on a wet surface. Trust RE Pest & Mold Removal for professional mold inspections and services in the Cleveland, OH area.